Monday, April 28

Life Is... Busy?

Finally, our blog's back up and running after a not-so-short ''downtime''. Life is getting very busy for us both lately. Sometimes I wonder how on earth do we manage to keep our life so busy at all times. Well, better to be busy and productive rather than being bored doing nothing at all, I guess.

For the past few weeks, we've been filling our schedule with tons of activities, thus reaching some new landmarks on our pathway of life...

1... Feebz's adaptation of a new busy working environment right in the middle of KL. You're doing really well and I'm proud of you baby. So work hard, play hard and at the same time rest more ok!

2... Had our Kuching trip with RR and Hois, joined along by our local host Casa. It was my first time there and I find that life's quiet pretty laid back there unlike KL. The most memorable experience was definitely the wildlife jungle trekking adventure in the Bako National Park. It was worth every penny, just that we had an ''over-friendly'' guide who ''bulls'' alot. We even saw Malaysia's top blogger, Kenny Sia having his dinner - alone.
If only our guide was there.

3... Gone looking high and downs for rooms to rent within Cheras area for Feebz due to her new work.
Found a few suitable ones but it's still in our decision at the moment. Did finished packing up at her old place and trying to get things moving. It's not easy to look for a room, with various issues such as location, security, flatmates, carpack space etc. to worry about.

4... Had our second round of jungle trekking and canopy walk (200m walkway built on tree tops), this time with my colleagues and Casa back in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong. Experienced the peace of mind on KL's finest nature again after our recent trip to Bako National Park in Sarawak. I admit that I've gotten addicted to such activities, taking it as a form of exercising and stress-reliever. So might wanna consider getting a hiking shoes!

5... Most importantly, it's our 10-month anniversary together!
Realized that the days are going so fast as we go on, and we are now counting the days again. Everything's just wonderful and I am so glad to say that I am blessed to have you in my life. I love you very much, dearest Phoebe. p/s: My Jogoya?

Cant wait to get off from my current company as it is my 2nd last day here. Found this quote that I'm using it as my source of inspiration.

"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful."

- Mark Victor Hansen

- Frag -

Thursday, April 17

A week~

Yeah it’s Friday!!!!!

Been working in Asus for a week already, notice the big different between my previous job. All the while, it was software and now it is focused more on hardware. There are many products that I need to study and pick up. Job scope is so much different because I need to meet a lot of media, organize events such as PC fair, road show, etc. It is interesting through.

I find it really challenging and in fact it is something new for me to learn and gain more experience. Still in the learning stage at the moment, thus I am hoping to inherit and gain more knowledge from my senior. All the colleagues here are nice and friendly as well, willing to guide me whenever I need help.

The tough part is that I have a longer working hours and also hectic working schedule. I was made to attend 5 meetings, right just on my second day! Tight schedule as there are many things that have to be settled and completed a.s.a.p, in this fast paced industry on the marketing side.

I look tired and certainly there will not be enough sleep everyday. However, I will need some time to get use to everything mainly the hectic work. There is another issue that I need to get accustomed to, which is the TRAFFIC JAM during every morning and knock off time. Still, need to try my very best and I have confidence that I can do this!

Well today is the last working day of the week. Felt so excited as I will be flying to Kuching tomorrow morning with Daling Frag, RR and Hois. We will be going there to meet our dear Casa and he will be our tour guide for the trip. Hopefully, this time he will perform this duty well, else I think there wont be 3rd time going there, I think. Wahahaha!

P/s – Casa, please do some homework and plan where to bring us, no movie for everyday k!


Saturday, April 12


Yesterday during the late noon, we head over to KLCC Convention Centre for the Pikom PC Fair. The entire venue were so crowded, sometimes it's just hard to walk around and take a look at the computer stuff and such.

However after some time, we bought a Canon 3-in-1 printer, Seagate 160GB 2.5" Portable Hard Disk and also a "kap-chai" headphone for quite a bargain price. Met Casa there as well because he need to get a MP3 for his sista in the PC fair too.

Frag's parents went for their vacation and since there were a few of us at home, so we had decided to have a simple home cooked steamboat session. We invited Casa to join us and Frag's siblings along as we have bought quite a large amount of steamboat ingredients and food.

All of us were so hungry, cant wait the food to be cook~

Waiting for the soup to boil~ This is 2nd round already.

Thanks Aunt for buying all the food for us, before the vacation :D


Friday, April 11


I'm at work currently freezing while busy doing nothing. It sure feels cold here. Man, I need some good music to kill off my downbeat feelings of melancholy and pessimism, while waiting for the time to pass. There goes a beautiful Saturday morning.

Need to head to nearby police station after work to see if I'm able to settle Feebz's summon. Hope the counter's open today, so we can beg for ''forgiveness''. After that, we'll shoot off to KLCC to meet up Casa for the PC Fair to get a printer for home.

Anyways on the bright side, looking forward to tonight's main event, home cook steamboat... I can't wait for it!

- Frag -

Old Town Kopitam

Reporting live from Old Trafford Town, Taman Midah along with dear Feebz. Yes, it's freaky Friday today and seeing that wonderful weekend's coming, we decided to hangout here as the place's suitable for chilling out and relax.

Usually, we'll be seen here surfing online (him) and getting busy with the PSP (her)... sipping cool ice milk teas to pass our time slowly here. This Cheras outlet (between Honda showroom & Toyota service centre) sure is crowded - very crowded especially when it comes to night. People of all ages coming here to sip iced ''kopis'', ''goyang kakis'' and talk grandfather stories like there's no tomorrow.

The franchise for Old Town ain't cheap though, around 200k plus minus depending on shop's size, I heard. It's common to see such kopitiam concepts mushrooming all around the town within these few years, with Old Town White Coffee being the pioneer. We have Oldtaste, Olden Town, Old Kopitiam, Station Kopitiam etc. appearing everywhere, good enough to "tarpao" the big international players like Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

To many coffee kakis, maybe it does matter to them. But I don't really fancy coffee that much thus I dont really care what are the differences, pros & cons between all these holy kopitiams. As long as the place's serving a variety of food, cheap & affordable price, comfortable enough to rest my butt on... I'm good with it. I'll be a loyal die hard customer too.

Now where's my glass of "Xi Mut" ice tea and kaya & butter toasts? Bwahahaha!


Thursday, April 10


Recently I’m so addicted to a PSP game which is called PATAPON. Some of my closed friends will know how I got into this feverish game. It is a new Japanese game which was just released on early 2008. This game really attracts me, the cute and special army team, and the story line is fun! The whole game will continue by follow the rhythm.

During the game, the PATAPON army units will be able to collect a few different type of drums, by using the drum, the army will be able to move forward, attack the enemy, gain power to beat the enemy in the highest hit and damage, and also to defend themselves.

Types of drums you will be able to find in this game:-

Pon Drum

Pata Pata Pata Pon = Move forward

Pata Drum
Pon Pon Pata Pon = Attack

Chaka Drum
Chaka Chaka Pata Pon = Defense
Pon Pon Chaka Chaka = Gain Power

Don Drum
Don DonDon DonDon = Summon miracle, rain, wind, earthquake & storm

Besides the drums, there will be some miracle items, like summons the rain, wind, and earthquake and storm, because the army units will require these items to fight their way and pass through desserts, and some other places which the miracle power will help them to go smoother. (Wauhaha, pass through the dessert already? hehe!)

There are several standard stages to go through, first priority is to fight the enemy, second priority is to slay the giant dinosaur with different levels and final priority is to keep on hunting to get Ka-Ching (money to build army units). By hunting the animals and slaying the dragon, the PATAPON army will be able to gain more weapons, special stones, meat, and also branches entitle to build a stronger army.

There are a few mini games, which are another way to get more special stones, and branches to build the army units. As this game is all about the rhythm and beats, if you are able to catch up and follow the rhythm well perfectly, you will be able to complete the task successfully and gifted with lots of useful weapons.

There are a few types of PATAPON army units using different type of weapons, and different attack method, the PATAPON army can be build by using various combination of stones, branches, alloy, and even different type of meats! Of course, you will need Ka-ching as well!

Below are the names of the PATAPON army units:-

Megapon – Saxophones
Dekapon – Maces
Kibapon – Horse, Halberds
Yumipon – Bows
Tatepon – Axe, Swords
Yaripon – Spears

If you wanna know more on this game, go to this website and have a look!

It's PATAPON time! Ciaoz!


Bangkok Invasion - Episode II

Sawadee krap-krapp-krappp...

After some serious hardcore wallet-busting shopping on our first two days in the Land of Transvestites Coconuts Smiles aka Bangkok, Team F&F decided to slow down things and explore further upon Saladaeng area in search for some good food on the 3rd day.

There are street food stalls everywhere within our hotel area selling a huge variety of street food, kind of similar to the ones found in a local night market here, but at a much cheaper price. Really ''peng-leng-jeng'' I'd say. Another thing, pork can be found almost everywhere! Woot!!

Had our brunch here at the HONGMIN Restaurant, serves Chinese-style food.

Decided to try to dim sum, so Feebz's put in charge of ordering.

Worn-out hungry soldier waiting, he survived the shopping massacre too!

The place's well decorated, giving us the Zen feeling. Very nice ambiance.

You've to try the orange (or citrus) juice whenever you're in BKK. The taste's great. Easily be found everywhere, usually selling at a price of 20 baht per bottle.

Tried the gigantic fried 'wu gok'! Very crispy and tons of yams inside. One is enough to stuff you full.

'Char Siu Paus', didnt find it nice as the inside seems to be half-done and there isnt any gravy at all. Definitely no match for the local paus back here!

After trying out a couple plates of dim sums, we decided to try one of the dishes there. Here's Pork Ribs Kuey Teow Noodles - very tasty.

Thai Ronalds here pray very hard occasionally, regretted that I didnt smuggle some McPorks back home.

Shopping mission began... continued walking around in MBK complex.

Got our Thai decorations / handicrafts here. Price's cheap provided if you buy huge quantity and bargain with the sellers well. Spent quite some time here, and our pockets got burned.

Outside MBK Centre, another shopping haven for the ladies.

While she's busy shopping, I'm busy snapping random photographs.

Sial Siam Paragorn Shopping Mall, Asia's largest. Didnt spend much time there as it's all expensive branded stuffs, similar to Pavilion KL. Under Water World's there. Saw a magic show being performed there though.

For our dinner in the evening, we managed to find a restaurant serving authentic Thai food. Quite crowded. All hail Banana Leaf Restaurant!

Two hungry souls waiting for food.

Thai Pandan Chicken - taste good, smells aromatic.

Seafood Otak-otak - rich with prawn and fish meats. The taste's not bad.

Seafood Tom Yum Goong - uber tasty, even though we requested the Chef to cook it less spicy. Best thing we ever had in Thailand. Yum Goong...

Yum Goong... after dinner we walked around & we saw this! Yum Saap betul!

Return of the Dark Lord, Darth Shopper. Night shopping was fun!

MBK during the night time. Traffic's kinda congested as well.

We even saw a group of Britney Spears wannabes performing on the street on our way back. Apparently a group of students were doing a MV there.

Wokies, next batch of photos will be coming up within a couple of days. We found that Bangkok's nightlife was quite lively, if only we went and visit A-Go-Go bars and clubs that night.


Wednesday, April 9

Too free ~

Going to start a new job soon, kinda excited, meanwhile got a week or I should say 10 days break before I actually start the new job~~

Raining cats and dogs out there, blogging this entry from Maluri starbucks, yea, I got nothing better to do, so come here and visit a friend who is the Store Manager here. Come here almost 2 days once because currently Im staying at Frag’s place~ Maluri Jusco is one of the familiar places I know how to come from Frag house! I had to admit that Cheras is really a new area for me which I do not know the route to some places, I might know how to reach the destination, but go back his place is a big issue to me, alright I’m dumbo

New working place will be in Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL, right opposite Pavilion, it gonna be very jam, everyday I go to work and back L Stay at Frag’s place will be easier for me to go to work, nearer and no need to pay toll at all. I can’t imagine if I travel from my place to KL everyday during peak working hour.

Just back from JB yesterday, went back there for few days, rest myself and spend more time with my family and nunu. Had a great time in JB, hang out with my parents and brothers most of the time! But too bad, I’m still sick, sore throat, on and off fever and coughing non stop, for a week already, I think I really need to control my mouth, not to eat those spicy and heaty fried food for sometimes till I completely free from sore throat and coughing.

Nothing much to do here, chatting with my friend once in a while as she need to work and online browsing, that’s it. So, my dear friends out there, if you see this entry and you are free till this Friday, do look for me, maybe we can hang out, yum cha or shopping! Hehe!

My to-do list before start work-
Car Insurance and Road tax.

2) Bill payments.

3) Fixing my car windows. (I actually pull the button too hard and spoilt it)

4) Check out new office parking place. (heard that there is a cheaper parking around the office, 2 minutes walk)

5) Find out the nearest and less jam way to work.


Saturday, April 5


Goodness gracious! The clock's showing 5.40 am and I've still not gotten a sleep at all since last night. What the heck am I doing at such hour here?

Tried to shut my eyes but the brain's pondering on something which I cant describe. I kept on musing while lying down, going into deep thoughts of things that flashed in my head...
filled with ''what ifs" and "why" with the big question mark at the end of every sentence...

as I worried about the future? What are my achievements during my existance of 25 years? Where could I be heading to in a few years time? What's missing in life for me? Why the heck am I thinking of things at such time when I should be sleeping like the rest?

Gosh, I am thinking too much... absolutely.

And it will certainly never end.


p/s: Must be the iced milk teas taken during the yumcha session earlier. I'll be out soon to pray my ancestors for Ching Meng festival short after. Somebody please help me...

Thursday, April 3

Bored . Boring . Boredom

A pretty boring day in the office since I tendered my resignation letter earlier this week. So relieved that finally it's coming to an end. Be will heading back to her hometown this coming weekend for a few days before starting her new job.

Countless of things to be planned and done... updating the blog (Thai update coming up), adding / removing PC (been a while since I really touch it), fixing her car (add turbo, lol!), job hunting (working on it, seriously), playing Hellgate: London (damn addicted to it, not Patapon!), arranging weekly games (body's outta shape, definitely need some exercise here), hanging out chillin, eating etc. Anything but to do with the current work. Change is what keeps us fresh and innovative, supposed things will change for good... Yeah!

Currently blasting music on my PC and surfing the whole morning here. I am bored! Plus being hungry ain't helping too. Looking forward for lunch with Be later, as she'll be coming to pick me up. That's a first!