Monday, March 24

Bangkok Invasion - Episode 1


Well since the cool place we stayed in Saladaeng, Bangkok was mentioned previously, I'll be posting the rest of our holiday adventure. A couple of words to sum up our much awaited trip for this year - awesome+enjoyable. There's never a dull moment when it comes to Bangkok.

Nearby our hotel were areas filled with shopping complex, markets, restaurants, entertainment outlets, bars, etc. which is easily accessible via Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) aka skytrain. Drop the 'tuk-tuks' and taxis if you wanna save time, the traffic's bad during the evenings.

We find that Bangkok’s people are very hospitable, an integral part of Thai culture... I guess. Most things there can be done with a smile and a laugh, especially important if you are a tourist there and don’t speak Thai. Oh yeah, the calculator's an essential tool, if you plan to do some hardcore shopping like her both of us.

Chilling out in LCCT, filling up before the battle. Got there very early.

Boarded the Manchester United A320 plane & I felt like a champion.

We arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at night, no match for KLIA.

We prepared ourselves for Chatuchak Weekend Market early in the next morning. It's only open during weekends and we were lucky.

To get there, we took the BTS from Saladaeng & stop at Mo Chit station. Using the skytrain's the best and quickest way to get to places in Bangkok. 15THB up to 40THB per trip, depending on zones. Yes, it's air-conditioned!

Freaking huge, with more than 15k stalls inside, it'll take the whole day to walk as you'll find all kinds of stuff ranging from clothings to decos here.

Truly a shopping haven, you can shop till you drop.

Shoes & sandals everywhere... we bought a few pairs back.

And hangbags... this little bag turned itself up to Feebz. Along with a pair of nice shoes, we paid 350 THB. Cheap bargain.

Tons of fashion clothings, and she couldnt stop smiling as we go on. Ladies would love shopping here as the choices are wide & it's CHEAP - if you negotiate well.

Variety of food & drinks sold here. There's a nice crowded noodle chicken shop around which is a must try - I forgot where. We had to drink non-stop to kept ourselves hydrated!

Legs were aching by the time it's late noon, but the battle for shopping still continues. Buggy service's provided for free.

Feebz & Frag! The things on the left arent ours wokay...

And the battle continues, this time we raided some ladies accessories.

We didn't get this. Would be great to hide my face in one of these. Muahaha!

Pic-tar time! It got more humid as we went on.

We saw a possessed 'woman' and a slim Digiman on the street on the way back. Marketing & ads sure is done crazily everywhere.

Traffic's starting to get congested, we took the skytrain back to Saladaeng.

We spent quite some money getting stuff from the market, but it was worth while. It's best to bring a backpack along just in case.

Well we didn't finished walking some areas of the market as it was THIS huge. However, we experienced the mingle with the crowds, sweat it all out and had fun in the Biggest Weekend Market. And there are holes appearing on our pockets already. Would definitely visit this place again if we are to go to shopping in Bangkok again.

- Frag -

Tuesday, March 18

Bangkok Invasion - The Hotel

It is not a 5 stars hotel, nor a famous one, but it is a nice location, nice environment and most important, a clean and safety place to stay in Bangkok!

Inn SaLaDaeng is the place that we had stayed during our 5 days 4 nights trip in Bangkok! It is recommended by my cousin sista, cause she was there in the early March and this hotel is just newly opened for less than 3 months~

Outside the Inn

In the lift of the 7th floor building

The Living room~

There is a famous and huge night market which open 6 days a week (except Monday). 2 minutes walk to BTS or MRT and there are 2 shopping complexes around with a lot of convenient shop and drug store which open 24 hours.

The night market

Many food stalls around which you wont need to afraid you cant get anything to eat from morning till evening~ A lot of food to eat and drink; such as crispy pan cake, chicken rice, mixed rice, different types of noodles, bbq fish, shrimp, pork balls, citrus juice, special made coffee, and a lot more Thai food that we hardly get it here :)

We had our Thai style mixed rice here, lolz

Our room 606~

The toilet

Comfy King size bed~ Nice to sleeeeeeeeep!!!

Cupboard, drawer and flat screen TV

We are so satisfied and feel so comfy with the service and everything~


Tuesday, March 11

It Is Over...

Yes, the event is finally over.

All the hard work and late nights for the past few recent months has paid off.

The fucking furniture fair
showcasing the furniture industry has came to an end on 08/03/08.

Frankly speaking, I felt relieved and at the same time BORED with how things turned out to be, considering that the exhibition went well. Maybe cause it is now my 3rd year with the company?

I am starting to get real sick of my daily work routine, consisting loads of paperwork and follow-up calls, mostly redundant. Basically it is part of one year's preparation besides doing sales of exhibition spaces. This is where you could travel out and meet people from the furniture line... instead of getting stuck to the box inside office from 9 till 5. There isn't any commision for sales by the way - which suck big time.

Next, feels like the company is not heading towards the right direction... without any obvious
improvement for the past few years. Spearheaded by an old man who is unwilling to listen to new changes, a few ineffective no-action-talk-only (NATO) management, throw in the office politics (yes the upper management does that too often).

Do they think of the staff benefits? My foot! Work hard, no appreciation given and end up you will be accused of not giving your 100%. Cant decide firmly on something so simple and then to have it changed in the very last minute before we (the staff) execute it? Lame bad decision making! Backstabbing your own staff in front of the clients, complaining on our performance, never providing support whenever needed etc. That's totally crap.

Back to the exhibition anyways...

To all the exhibitors who have been a pain in the ass, screw you.

To all hall staff who stood up fighting alongside me for the entire 10 days, I salute you.

And to my baby who visited me frequently and kept me accompanied at times during the fair, thank you very much for everything and I love you deep-deep dear!

Looking forward for a good holiday in Thailand with Feebz though... coming up within few days time. And I seriously cant wait to get everything out from my head and enjoy this trip with my missus. :)