Thursday, January 31

BnD + OWL - CNY Dinner

Fork & Spoon

BnD and OWL was having a Chinese New Year dinner on 30th Jan 2008~ A Lou Sang dinner at Fork and Spoon before we Balik Kampung!!!

9 of us turned up at the dinner around 8.30p.m. We had our dinner before lou sang, partly is because we all are hungry and need to wait for Ren to arrive.

My Nasi Lemak Rendang! - Kinda spicy, I cant take it :(

Chicken Supreme

Lamb Chop

Kcng + Bebee

Ahwai + Ren (Dont talk when eat :P wahahah)

Ren + Valen(so concentrate) + Frag(he purposely act DL :P)

Tengteng + Adam

Myself + Casa

Yee Sang before & after

Thanks all for the reunion CNY dinner, I really enjoyed it~! Glad to have u guys!


Pearl of the Orient, Penang

Yes, I am back on track here blogging after being MIA for a while!

The thought of meeting some Xettie friends, activating our taste buds for good food and chilling somewhere further during the weekends came into our mind. So we decided to execute Feebz's masterplan on a 2 days trip to Penang, together with Hazel and Jamis.

It's been quite some time since I long set foot there, probably a few years. So off we went by Hazel's car... she sure can drive fast! After when we have reached Penang about late noon, we met up with Xavier, Nini and Cheryl, our host whom were kind to show us KLites around to jalan-jalan cari makan.

Fried Oyster Omelette (Ochien) at Kafe Sin Se Kai, Swatow Lane

Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant at the seaside

We watched the seaside sunset from the restaurant...

And we even built a place to stay while waiting for the food

We ordered Deep Fried Calamari, Kam Heong Lalas, Vegetables, Lai Liu Ha (Pissing Prawns), Steamed Fish and I-forgot-what-Chicken. Nice...

A nearby stall selling chicken satay... simply delicious but a little spicy!

What a view, damn relaxing. After that, we ventured off somewhere to do some shopping, look around & continue eating.

Woke up next morning, walked out from our hotel to see that the street was empty. Sunday morning & still early, I guess

We stayed at the Hotel 1926, Penang's first heritage boutique hotel. Rates are at RM100 per night (for superior room I think). Rooms given were so-so & the beds were as hard as an iron board. 3/5 for that.

Outside the hotel carpark area, accompanied by the blue sky

Our complimentary breakfast, served at a very slow speed... Streamyx style!

Some areas within the hotel were nice though, just like this little garden

So Feebz and I definitely have to camwhored a bit here.

Then the 4 of us took a stroll at the Gurney drive seaside. The shore was dried up during the hot noon.

Went over to Gurney Place shopping complex next to hangout.

Kek Lok Si Temple - Hanging Lanterns

Kek Lok Si Temple - Havent been to this part of the temple before

The tortoise sanctuary, I see no difference over the years

Last for the trip, F&F together with H&J


Wednesday, January 23

Last Xmas

I'm going to blog something kinda old and outdated!
The reason of posting this blog, is to share some pictures that we took. Although is really a bit too late to do so, but i believe is worth it ;) keep it as a nice memories!~
Frag & I went to Mid Valley and meet Xavier and Nini a week before Xmas, Xavier was in KL with Nini~! And so coincidence that we met Adam and TengTeng on the same day, in fact before we bumped into each others, I was on the phone with TengTeng :D

Nini, Xavier and I

Frag, FeeBz, Nini & Xavier

Like this effect, Daling was playing with the camera effect

Having lunch at this kopitiam, I just like to makan there *drool*

*yahoo* Bought something from BB!!! Very happy!

We just cant recall what we bought from Jusco, while we were editing this picture last night >.<

Daling & I

Frag, Feebz, TengTeng & Adam!!

Nice mushroom :P


Thursday, January 17

Charmed, by Charms, with Ms Cham

Last week during the public holiday, Be and I went to 1 Utama to send her car over to Eunos service centre. After handing her car over to the mechanics, we walked around browsing through shops. Got hungry halfway, so we decided to go food-hunting around the mall.

Went up to the top floor and the first thing we saw was Charms, which we wanted to try out a few months back. Without further much thinking, we head straight in for brunch. The café has an outdoor/garden setting right in the middle of the floor, which stands out from the other shops.

The café surrounding with its attractive all-white decoration, flowery wall mural paintings and colourful lamp shades are indeed... charming. There is even a table with swing chairs and it caught my eye, unfortunately we didn’t land our butts on it and get 10 years younger. Wasted...

Hanging chandeliers, lanterns and a... birdcage?!

Nice looking menu and the green afro "hairdo" in the background

We ordered the sweet & sour lamb meat with garlic rice, fried omelette lou shi fun & fried tofu. Dont recall the actual names, but it's sure yummylicious & comes in large portion.

Be helping herself, officiating the food opening ceremony

Hers - The fried omlette lou shu fun's tasty, just like good char kuey teows out there. It is kinda oily though.

His - 5 words for this. Crispy sweet tender lamb meat... delicious. Doesn't really match with the garlic rice, but it sure comes in a large portion though.

Our appetizer - fried tofu. The taste's so-so and it's hard to chew. The sweet & sour chilli sauce that accompanied it was nice though.

Found out that they’ve got a branch in The Curve too. Look forward to another charming meal in Charms with dear Ms Cham again. But this time, I’ll go for the Lamb Charmer and rojak, which should be the café's best-selling items.

Bottom line… worth eating as they are generous with the portion and I think it’s valued for money!

- Frag -



These 2 pictaz has been edited by my bro Issa! Just like it very much!

Here they are~!

I was browsing my Picta folder and found these 2 pictaz which we took during the fireworkz competition in Putrajaya~!

Pack up, Rushing to putrajaya, Meeting up friends, Look for nice spot, Set up camera, Waited for 4 hours before the show starts, Super long Q outside the toilet, Excited when watching the nice fireworkz, Jam all the way back home!

Went there 2 nights, Just love it~! Especially on Merdeka Eve :D


Tuesday, January 15

Oh Oh Oh!

Police : Miss, u guna handphone yah!
me : Yeah.

(I wind down my window and left 1/4)

police : Turun semua cermin la, senang untuk cakap!
me : Im just trying to protect myself.

(refused to wind down)

police : Saya akan saman u sekarang, ada apa mau cakap?
me : Takda, how much is the saman?
police : Rm200. Bagi lesen, takda mau cakap?
me : saman saja!


Last weekend

A nice and tiring weekend, Issa, my bro came to KL and meet his galfren ;)
Been to a few places for food but mostly in KL, dint take much picture thru, a tired week! Just a pic of my bro and 2 picz that he took for us ;)

My bro Issa and his galfren! (Source from Issa's Friendster :P)

A pic Issa took for us at Petaling Street

Edited version, very CNY feel right? Lolz!