Thursday, February 26

Have a safe journey back~

Welcome HOME, daling!

Thursday, February 12

KLite's Life During CNY

I should've posted this a month ago... but then, better late than never right?

Well as you all know, many KL-ites living in the city without any hometowns to go back to during Chinese New Year festival is alway a torture to go through. Yes, there are still gatherings to be held, houses to be visited, angpows to be collected and also the in-thing to done, EAT! 

Yet somehow it feels the same as always... boring, especially after the 3rd day of CNY. In fact, the celebrations in KL this year is getting less lively compared to the other hometowns in different states. Sigh... where in the world has the Gong Xi spirit and mood gone to!?

Now, here's what to do as a KL-ite in the city during the CNY, take photos and go mall hunting for closed shops. Happens almost every year for me. 

In order:- Pavillion, Mid Valley & The Curve

"Good what... no traffic jam, whole roads empty open for you, can conquer shopping malls by yourself, no need to queue up!", they always say. 

Now at least there's something good about the CNY...