Wednesday, April 22

Have you ...

 Bought the Wang Lee Hom "Music Man" live concert tickets yet?

Oh well, I have been questioned whenever I meet my close friends, whom all knew that I am a big die-hard fan of Lee Hom since I was 15 years old! 

And so my answer is ...

YES!!! I've got 2 discounted tickets with nice seatings before the concert organizer open the tickets for sale to the public - all thanks to a friend ;)

Seriously, I definitely can't wait to see the good concert from Lee Hom again, and this time it will be held at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil coming 2nd of May! Confirmed to be ABSOLUTELY GOOD stuff by Lee Hom himself, I hope!

My biggest satisfaction and happiest thing about this concert is ...

I succeed to persuade my Darl, to go and watch the concert together with me this time! Therefore, no more watching Lee Hom concerts alone again like for the past few times. :D


So, have you all got your ticket for this concert yet?

See you there!