Friday, August 29

Sweet Holidays...

Reporting live from Bamboo Hut Bistro (thank you for the free broadband internet access!) in the Aldy Hotel Melaka, situated a few blocks away after the Red Square Clock Tower by the Malacca River.

Seeing that the holidays are coming this week, the Team F&F consist of... us decided to head off here for a day doing the 'walk-walk-eat-eat' stuff in Malacca, an UNESCO world heritage historic city and followed by a trip back to Feebz's hometown in Johor Bahru. Hehe.

By the way, Jonker's Street is just a stone throws away from this hotel. So it's pretty convinient if you are into sight seeing and visiting places of interest. Will be meeting up some friends later for lunch at a place selling Satay Babis (Pork Satays), which is a must eat whenever I'm in Malacca.

So long for now peeps, enjoy your holidays & Happy Merdeka!

Yours truly...

Tuesday, August 26

Olympic Fuwa

FeeBz: HuanHuan, where is your other friends?
HuanHuan: They are still in China preparing for Olympic, unable to come!
FeeBz: =_=”

Took this picture during the PC Fair II, KL.
So happy to see HuanHuan, eventhough is not in Beijing!

Friday, August 22

It's Time For...

A gathering among buddies and friends!? Hmmmm.... we, members of Team F&F is currently planning for a

  1. waterfall-cum-picnic trip

  2. eating out-cum-yumcha

for our friends, particularly from OWL & BND thread in Low Yat.NET.

Yup, it's been a while since we last met up together, as everyone is busy with life lately. The durian fest activity also missing in action already. Haha! Let us do something interesting during the coming holidays... which is coming next week!

Anyone with good suggestions?

Mari-mari, leave some comments here, peeps. :)

Thursday, August 21

Unwell, I Felt

Sigh, the weather's not being very kind lately, with the sudden change of heavy rain showering over KL since a couple of days ago. It's bloody wet everywhere... but at least, the temperature's not rising up anymore.

This spells "sick season" whereby people tend to fall sick. Many around me in office and home also have fallen to sickness. Most popular ones such as dry cough and sore throat is definitely a "trend" right now.

Unfortunately I've fallen sick as well added with bloody nose block and tiny migraine since last night. Hardly can talk properly as I've got excessive green phlegms plugging up my chest, which tickles and irritates alot. That's sick.

Currently, I'm online and having lunch here at Wok N Roll Cafe, nearby USCI. Not gonna talk bout food here as the Marmite Chicken rice set I ordered sucks Thankfully there's a large projector here showing telecast of Beijing Olympics athletics on the 100m, 110m, 400m men & women... bad show performance by the US team.

Heading off to see the doc and also to do some bank stuff. So peeps, do take good care of your body and drink more water.


Monday, August 18

I did it !!!

This is the very first time that I tried out changing the coding for our blog's HTML. After some trial and errors, I managed to come out with a new blog template~!

It is quite fun! At least, I did not forget all my basic programming skills taught by my lecturer. Hehe! Photobucket

Well, never try and you will never know! It is actually not hard to figure out the coding behind every template! Just try to mix and match and definitely you will have thousand of ideas of all the templates you want!

I might be able to come out with my very own template one day!!! With one condition, if I got the time to sit down and really study it. Photobucket



A new era...

A new theme for

Olympic 2008 theme

We are proud to announce that this particular blog has been selected by the Olympic International Committee Board as the official blog for...


This official blog will contains fact sheets, athlete profiles, cultural information, news and blablabla of the on-going games held in Beijing, China.

OMGWTFBBQROXOR, that's a first in the history of blogging world!

Eat that you bloggers out there!

Nah, just kidding... it's a hoax!
A theme specially made by Feebz in conjunction with the Olympic Games.
It's time for a fresh change. So here you go, enjoy!


Sunday, August 17

Listening to the song

"Beijing welcome you (北京歡迎你)"
very nice!!!

Doing work outside the room~



Tuesday, August 12

Avillion Port Dickson - 2

We did really enjoy our stay at the Avillion Port Dickson, even though was only just for a night. We did a lot of sun tanning and swimming during the 2 days, as well as enjoying the view and the sea breeze~! Nice white sand beach maintain well by the management. Cant wait to go back there again!

Image Hosted by
Relaxing at one of the look out point spot

Image Hosted by
White sand beach~ Had a long sun tan session here

Image Hosted by
Strictly for adult! Open for 24 hours~ Did our late night swim here!

Image Hosted by
The pool that belong to us! Wahaha!

Image Hosted by
Frag get ready for sun tanning

Image Hosted by
We left this marking on the sand~

Image Hosted by
The sun was so strong and Frag really enjoy that :)

Image Hosted by
These are the food we brought all the way

Image Hosted by
Steamboat time! Having them on the sea, with nice sea breeze~ priceless!

Image Hosted by
Can see the line below my pants? I was so so tanned after 1 day~

Image Hosted by
Relaxing in the nice room~!


Friday, August 8

I wanna say....


Blogging from the hotel, Penang by using Jane's Digi broadband~
Business trip make us apart for few days, although is just a few days, but I just cant wait to go home to be with u~
Was super sick on the 1st day when I arrived here, cant sleep and keep thinking how good if you are here with me.
Anyway, I will be going home very soon!
See ya tomorrow, baby!

P.s. to all- Once a while a mushy blog is alright right? ;)
P.s. to Frag - Surprise!!!