Tuesday, November 11

Special Moments... TQ!!!

It's been some time already since I last blog on something different, and this long too. Well it is different due to the fact that lately everyone is into shopping mode, driving holes into their pockets & purses. It's all because of the festive sales in shopping centres and warehouse sales. Sometimes, it's really worth buying stuff during such time when there are further markdowns and discounts given!

Thought of getting Frag a wallet as his current one is wore off and looked pitiful in its bad state. And he doesn't bear to change as it is sentimental to him, I doubt. Lol! Thus, l decided to give him an early birthday surprise by getting a nice leather wallet from Ted Baker for a good price. Photobucket

At first I was thinking, should I keep it till his birthday next month? But why should I keep it till next month, cant I just get him another surprise when the time comes. So I hid it inside his wardrobe for surprise. Felt glad he loved it very much, no need for exchange! Was very lucky as the salesperson said the wallet is quite limited as it's a new arrival and only one in every Ted Baker outlets. Phew, now that's worth it! Photobucket

As for me, I received a surprise too when I was given this present, a small little clutch for my birthday. This particular brand, I couldn't bear to use it as I find it pricey and exclusive for my liking, would rather keep it for collection. Happiness suddenly poured in as I have been receiving numerous birthday messages from friends and family members back home! Really really appreciate that alot... Photobucket

Speaking on gadgets, I have been using the LG KF300 phone for the past 2 weeks, seriously it's a nice cool phone with basic features, just what I need in a phone. Haha! I love the functions inside it and happy with everything this phone offers~ Definitely a big improvement by LG and also worth the value. What's most important is I felt very comfortable using it!

Thanks to you, Daling and everyone! I felt really really grateful for and deeply appreciate for what is being done and given for me in life at the moment. Photobucket

Thursday, November 6

Secret Frame Interactive

First and foremost, let us take the opportunity here to congratulate Issa, Feebz's brother for his opening of his own business earlier last month - specialised in the photography and design line. 

Secret Frame Interactive (run by Issa and his partners) is a studio photography back in Johor Bahru, mainly specialise in commercial products and portrait photography as well as various other forms of speciality services upon request. Lately, they are currently busy with some projects involving companies locally and also Singapore.

So if there is anyone out there who's interested.. or if you have any friends / relatives into events or weddings and also require someone to do awesome photography (Issa does real good shots, seriously), do drop them a call or leave us a message here. 

Check out their official website @ www.secretframe.com

More updates to come within the coming week. Ciao!


Sunday, November 2

Remember, remember the 2nd of November

Yeah we know, this blog hasn't been up to date lately, as both of us are pretty busy with life. Assurance given that once things are done, we'll be back with super lotsa updates. 


Although you are busy with your event work for the past few days, I sincerely wish you once again, a very Happy Birthday and stay beautiful and cheerful always - no matter how difficult things are. Hope that you had a great time last night on the suprise dinner. I love you with all my heart & i'll be always there for you baby. :) 

Here's the LG KF300 handphone that Feebz felt in love with, since the current Nokia one (the legendary first 3G phone, lol) is giving her problems, it's time for a new phone. The KF300 sure looks delicate and girlie in pink, has an improved phone interface and nice functions, unlike the older models. A real stunner I'd say... definitely worth the ringgit.