Monday, May 4


Gosh, time realy flies fast I'd say. 

It's back to Monday blues on work after a long 3-days off. 

The Lee Hom live concert in Malaysia last week was quite entertaining, even though I couldn't understand most of the songs' meaning but thankfully he sang some of popular tunes. Anyways, it's worth watching... well since he's someone's favourite idol. Thanks again for tix, dear!

Amount of work task and responsibility are gradually growing day by day. Currently, I'm still busy with the closing of May's magazine alongside with the rest of my colleagues. God, wish I've more time (as in days) to service to my clients throughout the entire day man.

Just got to know that Feebz will be away to Taiwan for an expo for almost a week! That's sad for me, but deep inside I'm feeling very happy for her as she can travel to Taiwan at the same time show her China-man bosses there on how good she can perform in her work. Good job and make sure enjoy what you are doing currently.

Back to work, cant wait to leave office though.

Friday, May 1

Batu Caving Session

Ah at last, updates from us, something interesting to share with you guys.

Last month, we paid a visit to the Batu Caves Temple in Gombak, together with Feebz's cousin and her bro on a shooting session. This is the pligrimage site where our yearly Thaipusam festival is held for our Hindu brothers and many Hindu visitors worldwide.

The sun was scorching hot and it was a humid noon, but our passion (not me, me not good enough lol) in photography was hotter. Thus we stayed there for quite some time exploring around, looking for interesting stuff to shoot.

The envious feeling kicked in, seeing the rest holding great camera and equipments to shoot/snipe. Hmm, but I'd have great faith in my old trusty Lumix FZ7, and I still believe I can go further and there's more to learn though. It rocks man. :)

Image Hosted by
Most popular Hindu shrine, Lord Murugan. Also the tallest Hindu statue in the world

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Young kids and old man drawing potrait of the statue, under the hot sun!

Image Hosted by
Monkeys awaiting at the entrance, can be nasty though

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There are 272 steps stairway leading up to inner temple caves, gosh

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While we're at the top, here's the city view from the eyes of the statue

Image Hosted by
A shot taken from the inside of the cave. It's cool inside here

Image Hosted by
A close-up shot - made from pure steel bars and painted in gold

Image Hosted by
Little statues accompanying the Lord. Real fine details, my friend

Wokies, that's all for now. 
Happy Labours' Day and have a nice weekend.