Saturday, May 31

I was really...

Busy with work lately. Feels tiring after work everyday, learning new things that are challenging. However, I do really enjoy my work as it's fun working with my colleagues and this job is flexible in working hours and the environment is comfortable for my liking.

Sometimes, feel kinda lifeless cause after work, there's nothing I feel like to do but to get ton of rest!
And once a while I need to stay back late, being dedicated to work, with meetings or appointments till 9p.m+. So what else is there to do after reaching home at 10p.m.?

Thank God I just need to work for 5 days. But if there's any events during the weekend, it's another different story already! As one of the event planner and decision maker for my dept, I will definitely try not choose it to be on weekend, but for cases like PC Fair, then I really have no choice then!

There are a few projects on hand waiting to be launched, guess what, I'm using one of the product samples to blog here. Wahahaha! Gonna be busy until I finished launching the 2 new products and 2 grand events for my company!

I love weekends!!!!


Monday, May 26

Mesra, Cekap & Betul... My Foot!

Was doing my usual routine of fetching Feebz to a place in Cheras where she meets her colleague there to carpool to work. As we arrived slightly earlier, usually I'll stop and park my car at the road side - with car signal on, just right in front of a bus stop while waiting.

Out of a sudden, a police car stopped right in front of us, with their siren lightbar on. As we watched the car reversing all the way back slowly into our direction, we thought what the heck are they doing.. reversing and blocking cars coming on the left lane.

An officer came down with his machine gun and walked towards us, he then ask for our identifications. No reason were being given anyway but at least he greeted us first. Being good citizens as we are, we responded and did what we should do. We realized Feebz's ID card and driving license are at home! He then requested for her name and ID card no. to call back for checking. After some time-consuming check procedure, we suggested call back home for someone to bring it to us, as it is nearby. Right after that we're let off though.

Don't they have something better else to do on a Tuesday morning? Shouldn't they be doing crime detection, or prevention activities like catching criminals etc, or doing traffic controls somewhere else? Their job is to keep the country peaceful by putting the country's laws into force - not disturbing innocent citizens like us for nothing! What the officers did is certainly stupid and waste of time! Mau duit kopi kah, tuan?

Perharps they should consider a change on their slogan to this instead... Mesra, Tidak Cekap & Tak Betul.

I am truly ashamed. There goes my extra 15 mins of sleep.


Saturday, May 24

Cameron Highland

We went up to Cameron Highland last weekend, organised by Frag's mum and relatives~! Started our journey on 4 cars with a total of 15 of us!

We departed on Sat morning and reached there around 1 p.m. But due to Wesak holiday on Monday, there were a lot of people going up too, thus it was very crowded and traffic jam!!!

The gang stayed in the Star Regency Hotel Apartments, a 3-room apartment located in Brinchang town. It is a very nice strategic location as the hotel apartment is just 5 mins walk away to the town's only popular pasar malam~

The hotel apartment we stayed, with some great views on the balcony~

Pasar Malam with a lot of nice fooooooooooood!

Freshly made food: Fried shrimps, Sotong, soft shell crab, and chicken!

Nice jagungs - Baked or steamed. It's edible in raw too!
I did~! Sweeter for sure!

Many different types of reptiles and insects in the Butterfly Farm

Roses in a variety of colors!

Huge hibiscus, you wont be able to find it in KL~

Nice flower blooming~! The nice cool weather make them so pretty!

Huge Cactus, even taller than us~!

Visited the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation. Didn't manage to go to Boh Tea Farm, it was too jam and crowded on that weekend

The Water Crest Farm, which use flowing water to grow plants!

Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, built on a hill overlooking the Brichang town

Yan Yan, Frag's niece who was with us in the trip, she's so cute, right?

Fresh Vegetables that we brought back from Cameron

The both of us did dropped by Tanah Rata, the biggest town in Cameron Highlands. There are shops to buy souvenirs, eat freshly made sweet potatoes, mushrooms, etc. as well as buy our groceries . Really enjoyed a few days of fresh country air and tranquility up there.


Tuesday, May 20

Bako National Park, Kuching

On the 2nd day after our breakfast, we proceed to Bako National Park for some good jungle trekking fun. To our expectation, the park is indeed a treasure chest of fauna and flora, very good experience for us city folks!

Upon reaching Bako Village which took us approximately 40 mins from Kuching, we got a longboat (operated by villagers there) chartered at the terminal to continue our journey with a 25 mins boat ride to National Park.

A huge number of jungle trekking trails here. Got ourselves a local guide for a sum, seeing none of us is experienced enough to trek without any leads.

Our boat ride journey to the Park. Saw lotsa fishing nets around the village.

With our legendary inspirational guide Riman, a nice talkative chap.

Greeted by rocky head-cliffs, due to constant erosion and sandy beach at the coastline. Our guide then told us a myth story of a cow (?) head here.

The coastline/sea view, from the base of Bako National Park.

Adventurers can choose to rent and stay at the chalets here.

Wooden planks makes walking through the jungle easy, but there's more.

Stopped by for a group photo before we head further.
L to R: Rourou, Casa, Hois, Frag, Feebz.

The mangrove forest, home to long-tailed Macaques and silver-leaf monkeys, hermit crabs along with other animals. We even spotted the very popular and bizzare long-nosed Proboscis monkeys!

Tough trails we faced on the way, going up and down.

Tree roots comin out on a steep area. Tip: Use it well to balance yourself.

You have to put your physical fitness to test as it lead you to up rugged hilltop.

Wooden planks built on the hilltop, we're up there!

On our way down, our guide brought us on a more challenging trail leading to the mangrove area via this small cave opening.

This National Park is truly an ideal place for nature lovers and adventurers. Kindly be noted that it's better to book a return boat journey immediately after you arrive here. And the walks are not shaded and exposed to sun, so come prepared for hot and humid weather.

Will definitely visit this again!


Monday, May 12

Kuching, Sarawak (Part One)

The F&F Squad decided to touched down and spent a few days hanging around in the Cats City aka Kuching, Sarawak courtesy of Air Asia! Kidding... they were offering free tix promotion recently.

Paired with soon-to-be husband & wife, Rourou and Hois joined along by home boy Casa who acted as our local guide, we had quite some great time on our trip there. The fact is I've never been to Kuching, was hoping to experience the life there and also catch a real S'wakian Orang Utan, like the one below.

Meet Kenny Sia...

The Cat Museum (ground floor of Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara, DBKU) located on top of Bukit Siol, 60 meteres above sea level. Beautiful sceneries overlooking the Cat city, I'd say.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU)

Tried to imitate the lovely cats behind, but I failed miserably.

1 unique museum, showcasing everything related to the world of cats. You'll find artifacts and memorabilia's from all over the world. Entrance's free btw.

Stopped by the Holiday Inn Damai Lagoon Resort in Santubong, isolated from the city area. Has a nice resort ambiance to it.

Pretty nice beach with chalets around, this place definitely makes a nice romantic getaway!

We chilled and relaxed there for quite some time, looking at the beautiful sea front and listening to the waves. Like what Borat said, nice...

Hopped over to Sarawak Cultural Village, hoping to see the diverse tribes, their culture and lifestyle. However, we were put off by the ridiculously expensive entrance fee, even for Malaysians like us. No doubt, we left after that. Talk about double standard!

Something cheap, we stopped by the stalls on the road side to have some coconuts on the way back to the city.

Went over to the Sarawak State Museum next, we visited several museums there as well. Would have been much more interesting if they have more things in there.

In the Art Museum, RR and home boy Casa touching the wooden statue's wee-wee. Wonder what are they both praying for... something big?

Not to be missed are the food! Here's the authentic Kuching Kolo Mee! Had a number of them during my stay - simply delicious. Also must try are "3, 4 or 5 layer Teh-C-Peng" (available in all kopitiams ), tomato fried noodles (forgot the place), belacan noodles (forgot the place as well) and the popular "Sio Bee" (Sin Kwang Heng, open air market). We ate almost everything there! Kenny Sia has a better review here on S'wak food!

Coming up next will be highlight of our Kuching trip, our adventure in Bako National Park! Later in part 2 I guess, not now. Very sleepy, ciao.


Sunday, May 11

Champions... again!

Woo-hoo! Managed to take some time off to post here on the celebration of...

2007/08 Barclays Premier League Champion!

That's their 17th league title!

They are gonna take on Chelsea for UEFA Champions League glory in Moscow on coming May 21. Certainly hoping for Man Utd to do a sweet double this year! Let's kick some Blues fans asses!

Anyone up for a football gathering to watch? Do let me know!

-/ Frag /-

Sunday, May 4

We Just Wanna Say....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Linda !!!

On this very special day, thank you for all the love and care showered on me.
Not forgetting your guidance on life, always being nice to me and the family~

May all your best wishes come true, aunty! Many thanks for everything!
Stay healt
hy and may everything brings you happiness today and always!

-FeeBz + Frag-

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park

After our super exciting Bako National Park in Kuching and FRIM jungle trekking in Kepong (will blog about both later) last month, this time we had decided have another round of outdoor activities, but this time no trekking!

Got to know that the Bukit Cahaya Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya) is the only agro-forestry park around, which is quite unique.

Inside here, you will be able to visit a few attraction spots, by taking the free bus transportation service provided to travel around the park.

Group shot while waiting for the bus~

The places that the bus will pass by are the Animal Park, Rabbit Park, Bird Park, Mushroom Park and also the 4 Seasons house (the season is according to actual real season). During these time, it is actually the time for spring~!

During the month of March till June duration, the 4 seasons House is actually decorated in Spring! The temperature inside here is about 7 to 12 degree, pretty chilling. And the smell of fresh flowers blooming was really nice!

Us inside the 4 seasons house together with Jane and Casa! Nice chilling temperature which make us don’t feel like going out from there!

Our main intention coming here was to cycle around the park. With the bicycle-renting service provided here, it is good for us as we would not need to bring our own. Then each of us got ourselves a bicycle from the shops there. Rental price charges accordingly, but it is cheap.

Was ready to start our journey after picking up a nice bicycle which suit us~

Started our journey on the other side of the park, which lead us to fruits plants and etc! You will be able to see a lot of different type of local fruits! We were very tired cycling on the curvy road and hills as it went on to noon. Will certainly go there again.