Monday, June 29

Everyday In A Life Of...

a typical worker, and part of my daily tasks...

Observe for interesting or funny signages, for example like this one

Get stuck in a traffic jam

Meet clients or sometimes in this case, drink tea

Get stuck in a traffic jam again

But things aren't easy as it seems.
Anyways, it's our 100th post since we started blogging here together, woohoo!
More to come once we're not so occupied with work.

- Frag

Tuesday, June 23

We're 2!

Gosh, time sure really flies and I'm lacking of it. Trying to get everything done just before the magazine closing deadline end of this month.

Both of us didn't even have the time, actually it was more like too busy, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (yes, we're two!) properly. But I'm glad at least we managed to have a great time having steamboat dinner in Curve earlier. Let us make it up for Saturday then!

Anyways, I'm taking the opportunity here to say...

Dearest Phoebe, we're officially 2 years together! Thanks for the all the tender, loving, care given to me... and I'll forever cherish all the sweet memories that we've been throughout our 2 years together. There's more for us to journey into down the road but I'm wishing it's be always together with you side by side, no matter what happens or how tough obstacles are ahead. And I love you very much, baby! Hugs and kisses! :)

九份/Jiu Fen, Taiwan

I'm back with another update on my Taiwan business trip earlier this month! I am sure many of you have heard about this popular place in Taiwan, also a must-visit spot for tourists there. Basically we need to take about an hour to reach thare by train from Taipei Main station.

Waiting train from the Taipei Main Station

Jiu Fen is a place which located on the mountain areas. Therefore, if you're to take a train from Taipei itself, then you'll be able to reach "Ruai Fang" only. Next, proceed on to take a bus right outside the train station straight into Jiu Fen, it tooks us around about 10 mins to reach the hill from the train station anyway.

That's the ticket... Taipei ---> Ruai Fang

The weather is cold and the surrounding scenery (mostly green environment) is superb! However, this place is really crowded all thanks to the non-stop tourist visitings. I found that almost all the shops there have Japanese-translated information tagged along. And to my suprise, most locals there speak fluence Japanese. Gosh!

This is the main entrance leading into the famous street of Jiu Fen, and there's the scenery overlooking the mountain area when we got to the top!

This street is the most popular spot in Jiu Fen, that's because inside there, you'll find way to much of interesting local made stuff and most importantly, loads of nice local foooooood! And the street is kinda long, you would need to travel by foot and walk at least 3km, till the end of the street and make a round back to the main entrance.

The shop owner here will teach you how to select a nice writing brush for souviner. They even helped us to carve our names on it.

Here's another nice place selling the tea pots and also place for a cup of hot tea!

I love this shop! Selling hand-made clay instruments - flutes especially. Here's the pretty shop owner doing a live flute performance for us.

Food, food, food... along the way! You may find these type of stalls along the street.

Isn't the house here beautiful plus it's located along the cliff? Makes a nice place to yum cha accompanied by the nice scenery. There are a tons of inns like this around this area.

I really find this place unique~ at least you won't be able to find it in M'sia :P

Left - Right: Japanese and M'sian college. Both enjoying their time here just like I did!

Another group snapshot... before we leave this place back to Taipei city! :)


Monday, June 15

The Old Jolly Times

On last Sunday, I organized an dim sum breakfast gathering for the OWL & BND thread members in SS2. Well, it's been some time since the entire gang (though some pioneer members couldn't make it) met up.

The place in SS2 was packed by the time we got there. Forgot the name of the shop but it's located on same row with Pelita mamak and next to Sports Toto.

We had a variety of excellent dim sums, and it taste better than most dim sum shop I've been to. Rotten PSP not included

Dim sums accompanied by chinese tea and good chats to kick start the morning

We divided ourselves into 2 tables during the eating session. Here's the Table #1 kakis posing for a line-up

Think about it, it's been almost three years since the gang first met. At that time, we became one of the most widely visited social & networking thread in Lowyat.Net. Heck, we sure had serious fun times along the years, having occasional gatherings like BBQ parties, futsal activities, convoy trips, eating sessions and more.

What a fun morning it was, well you certainly can't beat good friends, good food and good quilting... all together. Next up for the gang - a bak kut teh gathering!

- Frag

Thursday, June 11

Taipei 101

During my trip to Computex in Taiwan for work, my colleagues and I went to the Taiwan World Trade Centre (TWTC) whereby the show was held. You will find a few famous shopping malls centralized within the trade centre area which are the Taipei 101, New York New York, and Xing Guang 3 Yue.

After completing our round of visit on Computex show, a few of us decided to go up to Taipei 101 (also the world's tallest skyscraper!) in the evening. When we got up there and saw the view, it is one of the most beautiful night scene overlooking the city. Very nice! It cost us about NTD 400 each person to go up.

From Computex TWTC walking to Taipei 101

Lock our stuff in the locker before going up to 90th floor

Here we were at the top!

Welcome to Taipei 101!

The huge yellow ball behind us in the background is actually the wind damper, which supports the entire buiding structure and prevents any shaking.

Was busy here writing on some nice postcards to be sent back to Malaysia. However, till now they have yet to receive the cards. *sweat*

Finally complete and ready to send out from Taipei 101~

That's all for now, will try to update more especially on this Taiwan trip. Till then, tata!

Tuesday, June 9

A Mother's Day

Remember 10th May 2009...

Usually, we have family gatherings every Sunday, with our relatives coming over to hangout and chat around. But on this day, it's something different because we threw a simple-yet-suprise Mother's Day celebration for the mums in our family.

A homemade chocolate cake prepared by my sis, one regular way (also a must) on how we celebrate Mother's Day together under one big family. (p/s: My sis does cake orders btw, interested? Do lemme know yeah!)

All hail the iron ladies of the Wong family. Here's mum, aunties and grandma... who are the backbone of the family tree. Big thanks and hugs for making us who we are today. We love you, mummies!


Sunday, June 7

Scorching Hot Day

I couldn't believe it is happening now. The heat's killing me, thanks to the extemely hot weather in recent days. 

Makes me feel like hitting the beach, go for a swim and chill out. Brings back the memories of our Port Dickson Avillion holiday last year. Sigh.

This is madness. Rain, time to get your cloudy ass back here and shower us with heavy 'love', I beg you please!


Saturday, June 6

Half Past Five

Gosh, I'm suprised to find myself still here awake at 5 in the morning. Must be the iced tea drinks I had during yumcha earlier. Thank God it's Sunday today. Had this deep hunger striking my stomach. I have a terrible feeling that I must pay a quick visit in Chow Kit, to satisfy my hunger and crave for a juicy Bak Kut Teh meal now. Must... resist... temptation...

H'mmm... pork. Any friends up for a gathering feast?

Just had a couple of DOTA games with my bro via LAN and I definitely sucked big time, after not playing it for almost a year. Nothing interesting today, as I've been surfing online hanging out in Facebook and tried my Twitter for the first time. It's the next big thing online, however I find it nothing great though. Perharps, I'm missing something I guess. Add me!  

Anyways, we had a quite a dinner earlier at this Bumbu Bali restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong, man... they served great authentic Balinese food. If you're reading this Pa, I would like to wish you the awesome-est birthday and thanks for being everything to the family. I love you, man!

More updates on the Bumbu Bali dinner up next. And I can't wait till next Monday when my dear comes home... :)

Thursday, June 4

Gone Fishing

On a wonderful early Sunday morning (I forgot exactly when it was), we went for an interesting activity - fishing - together with my parents. The place that we're about to fish is located somewhere within inner Serdang village, some kilometers away from South City Plaza area.

Back then when I was a young brat, I used to follow my dad and uncle Phil (their favourite pasttime) into alienated places in the woods and swamps looking for wildlife lakes and ponds to do some hardcore angling. Yes, that's right ANGLING, sounds pro right? I know I'm not one anyways. Here's looking at how Wikipedia define it for newbies... 

"Angling is a method of fishing by means of an "angle" (hook). The hook is usually attached by a line to a fishing rod. A bite indicator such as a float is sometimes used. The rod is usually fitted with a fishing reel that functions as a mechanism for storing, retrieving and paying out the line. The hook can be dressed wit lures or baits. Angling is a principal method of sport fishing."

Besides fishing being a rewarding sport... well if you get the fish, it's worth the time it takes to cast a line, relaxing while enjoying the peaceful surrounding. I believe fishing helps to get things out of your head, and keeps you calm. In my countless years of fishing (lol!), I've learned about patience, relaxing, and how to enjoy nature. 

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

After spending some time looking for the place, we finally found it, which is actually a man-made fishing pond hidden and surrounded by trees

The place's filled with anglers by the time we got there. We immediately start unpacking and begin our angling mission

Mum & Dad - both avid anglers and seriously good at it especially me papa. If I'm not wrong, I think they're challenging each other on catching the most fishes at that time. Talk about serious competition, huh

That's my secondary fishing tool aka "secret" weapon (with the hook and fishing line tied to a big stone). There's also a pebble acting as an indicator that moves should any small fishes bite or pull the bait. Dun play-play, I'm good at this

And here I'm being joined by 2 dragonflies while I'm half asleep focusing on my angling technique and patiently waiting to strike a gigantic fish

Our catch of the day - a total of 9 fishes. The big ones are by caught by my parents. I think Dad almost hit the jackpot, a competition where cash prize is given those who catch the heaviest fish end of the day.

Usually in fishing ponds like this, you'll find breeds like Patin (Silver Catfish), Keli, Tai Dau Pok (Big Head Carp) and 'Fei Jaus' (?). There are different techniques and baits which are used to catch different kind of breeds. It all depends on the area you're fishing in

Here's my catch with my 'secret' weapon. These fishes are 'Fei Jaus' which I named Lampard, Gerrard and Fabregas. Tough looking but easy weaklings, waiting to be fried and eaten!

What's dangerous and hurts most in fishing? When I was young, I was taught to bait my own hook. There was once when I've accidently kicked the fishing rod on it standing position, it felt down causing the freaking hook to be pulled thus it pierced into my finger flesh! All this happened when worms are attached to the hook. The pain's crucifying... and digusting.

Anyways, nowadays it's hard to find for an authentic natural fishing spots, with many disappearing due the uncontrolled pacy land developments and mushrooming of housing areas everywhere for the past decade. Damn those people-in-charge to hell for exploiting forest lands of mother nature! There used to be tons of good fishing lakes in Klang Valley area, but now it's all gone. Instead, you'll find loads of articifial ponds and fish/prawn fishing shops everywhere, especially within Serdang Village area. 

Those were the days of good ol' outdoor natural fishing, but at least the fishing hobby still lives on. Enough of ranting, I'm itching for one soon!

A Chinese Delicacy - DIY Style

This was supposed to be posted probably 6 months back ago, few days prior to the year of Ox (aka Chinese New Year 2009). 

Anyways, it's food-related, who cares? Haha! We came up with the idea of doing Chicken Floss Fried Wantons ala homemade style, instead of buying it from outside. Recession and tough times ahead mah... what to do? 

A small-size container of these fried wantons would probably cost you about RM20 to 25 out there nowadays. Plus, some sellers would usually give little stuffings (either chicken or pork floss) inside. Things nowadays definitely are integrating the "Pay More, Get Less" practice. Damn buggers!

The ingredients prepared by us were chicken floss, frozen wanton skin (small pieces), a few eggs (stirred) and tons of patience. Know where to get these, right?

Place a handful of floss onto the wanton skin. Next, start rolling and wrapping them. Finally, patch any opening with the beaten egg to prevent any leaks of the floss during the frying session. Firstly, hand wash required though, very important

The essence of this DIY project are... to stuff, roll, wrap and patch the wantons. Then take a breather. Repeat all these steps until you're done. This stage can be tiring, so get a partner (better if you've got a few to help out) to accelerate things up 

Here's Dear cooking the 1st batch of wrapped wantons

Fry these awesome babies till they turned golden brown, for around a couple of mins... I think

Even an Iron Chef was flew in from Japan specially to cook this delicacy. He declined his name and identity to be posted here though

Viola! Homemade delicious snacks... beats buying from outside. And taste much better yo!

That's all for now I guess. Still trying to sort out some pics for upcoming post. So people, take good care and we will try to blog regularly if possible! 

- Frag