Saturday, July 26

Avillion Port Dickson - 1

It's been a while since we do some updates here on this blog. Started my new job in a local bank not long ago, pretty interesting learning the trades of the banking industry - if you minus out the regular tense working environment and usual daily routines. Not bad!

Anyway, the blog will continue on, after some pesterings made by our readers! Haha! We made a sudden trip to the Avillion Port Dickson (famous for its water chalets & seven-finger piers reaching the sea) for a night's stay, after deciding to take a break from working life in the city.

Fulamak... we found the atmosphere and environment of the resort simply breathtaking! We chilled out, went sunbathing and swam for the entire day. Nothing beats sleeping, basking and relaxing at a private white sandy beach - accompanied by the sea and sun.

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The entrance to Avillion PD

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At the entrance, there's a little stage on a pond. Staff there plays traditional music... welcoming guests & visitors. Soothing to the heart, mind and soul

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Walking to our water chalet room after checking in

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The view of the swimming pool, facing the sea. It was cloudy when we got there

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The adult pool... also known as the 24-hour pool, isolated from the resort's main swimming pool. This is the place where we spent our late hours in the night swimming!

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The Pet farm... open for daily feedings for the visitors. You'll find chickens, rabbits, tortoises, hambalang also got! Suprisingly, no flies spotted

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Avillion’s signature rooms - water chalet room - sit on stilts above water. Comes with four-poster king size bed & 'Pangkin' (day bed) with partial sea view for those who just want to do nothing but relax by the balcony and unwind. Freaking awesome

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Push away the rattan blinds and you'll find this balcony facing the sea. We sank here on the comfy seating area a lot during the night while enjoying the sea breeze. Lovely

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The open shower concept bathroom where we pampered ourselves with the freedom of showering or simply sink in the deep bathtub under the sky. It's super spacious, too bad the bathtub only fits one person though :(

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From our room door facing the outside neighbouring chalets. There weren't many people that time as it was Sunday. So we pretty had the entire area to ourselves

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The sunset view on the balcony area

There's more of our Avillion adventure on the next post.

Keeping you guys posted soon!


Wednesday, July 16

The National Zoo

It has been some time since my last entry. Real busy with job as it is tiring everyday! Seems like 24 hours is really not enough for me nowadays. God is fair because no matter how good or how bad, how lucky or unlucky, how good looking or not, each of us has only 24 hours a day~!

On the previous month.. Casa, Frag and I visited the KL National Zoo, a place I have been wanting to go since like 8 years ago! The zoo's not as bad as I imagine in the first place. Unfortunately, many animals are either hiding or being unactive during day time. If I am not mistaken, the zoo will open at night during weekends as well, known as the Safari~!

The Zoo Guide! Here I come~

Hornbill~! One of my favorite birds

Aiming the food, get ready to hunt

He's one of the famous star in the animal show! An 18 years old sea lion

Took a monkey pet for abortion :D

Casa showing off his pet snake

Free bus service provided, follows the trail and stop at destinations you want

Fat Fat Hippo

Honey bear asking honey from us!

Cute Otters

Giant Turtle, I wonder how old are them

Rhino looks cute too! Fit or Fat?

Long neck Giraffe

These chimpanzees look like human. Beware, they are known to throw things from the other side!

Largest rat species in the world. Mama rat and baby rat

Handsome tiger!

Hungry Elephant, keep asking food from passer by~


Saturday, July 12

We Are....

Off and running away to Avillion Port Dickson for a night's stay tomorrow.

Gonna spend a night at their signature Water Chalet room with balcony that opens out to the sea beneath. That should be some unique experience there.

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The luggage's to store our steamboat cooker, food & beverages

It's time to unwind, rest and hit the beach!


Tuesday, July 8

Indulge Yourself...

with Durians, of course... the king of fruits! :)

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Mum bought home 5 bijis as there's a fruit stall nearby selling it. Seeing that it's been a while since we all ate one (yeah, we heart lu-lians), we decided to have a feast after dinner.

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A few lu-lians have rich yellow flesh, clearly distinguishable from the rest. However there was one which the flesh was in a black-ish color, Mum return it in exchange for a better one.

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We raided quite a huge amount of Lu-lians that night. Such an excellent taste that feels like it surpasses in flavour of every food in the world. I felt... awesome.

Anyone interested for a durian fest-cum-gathering? Can't wait to fart though.


Sunday, July 6

Joyful Month of Birthdays

Budget for June has been always tight, with a number of my family birthdays' falls on the same month. Gosh, things gets tighter considering the fact that Father's Day happens to be on the same month while Mother's Day just is a month earlier.

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6 Jun Dad's Bday
Most respected man in my life's hitting the half-a-century

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14 Jun Christina's Bday
She's my grandmother's caretaker

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17th Kidd's Bday
Bro's turning into a fine man already, any girls interested?

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20th Mum's Bday
World's greatest & caring mum I dare to say.

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For Mum's bday, we dine out at Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant in Yulek.

This place's pretty popular in Cheras as they served good food and it's packed during nights. This was the first time we ate here and the food was satisfyingly good. Herb Chicken Bucket is awesome as the meat is tender and served with tasty chicken essence. I personally dig the Lotus Roots Stir-fried with Macadamia Nuts. Price wise, a bit costly but worthy. Thanks to Dad's Google skill, he's doing good in his Internet. Lol!

Most of the cakes are being actually baked by my sister. I think she's pretty good at it seeing that she's been doing it for a few years and received number of cake orders. So should you be interested to get a cake or share some baking tips, leave me a message or check her blog out here @ She also takes orders for cupcakes as well, all for a good price.

Alright, gotta continue watching the Golden Compass DVD... bought for quite some time ago but didn't have the time to watch it. Will be attending for another job interview in Public Bank tomorrow. Hope things will turn out to be good.

Next post on our Zoo Negara trip coming up. Adios'


Tuesday, July 1

Dumpling Festival!

Last month, both of us went back to hometown for Dumpling Festival last month. My grandma was preparing dumplings for the whole family members and relatives. Grandma's dumpling was so popular and delicious, that even everyone insist to have them. However, lot of preparations are needed to make these nice dumplings.

During the weekends in JB, we stopped by Desaru with my brother, Issa hoping to get a sun-tan session BUT too bad, the weather was not friendly at all. Every beach or seaside we stopped, it will start to drizzle and rain. Sweat... it seems like the gray cloud was chasing us where ever we go~ What a disappointment!

This is the way my grandma cook the dumpling, the traditional way!

Taken by Issa, chilling in a small shop, waiting for the rain to stop

Nice sea wave but no more sunny day

Look at the cloud, it's terrible & chasing us everywhere >_<

My bro in the background~ Busy taking picture

We then stopped by in Kota Tinggi after we gave in to the weather~ Aunty Linda & Uncle Henry brought us to a famous restaurant for lunch. We tried a various of special dishes! This one is certainly nice - BBQ Pigeon!