Monday, June 16

KL Bird Park

Seeing that it's time for some outdoor activites, we decided to do some bird-watching in the KL Bird Park, known as the world's Largest Covered Bird Park (sure not?).

Situated in the middle of city centre nearby the popular Lake Gardens, the KL Bird Park houses many species of birds in an enclosed anviary.

The size of the bird park is impressive and there are different pathways to walk along and explore. The birds were either let free flying everywhere or some of them were in the cages.

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We were greeted by a pair of bright colored parrots... very loving

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Plenty of peacocks roaming around, friendly and tame to be around with

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Another species which arent afraid of humans, waiting eagerly for food

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As we got there early, we saw birds being taken out and fed as the park staff were cleaning their cages. Notice the chilli seeds on the floor!

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Owl's a great sleeper by day, a predator by night.. judging by this blurry looking one

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Who says Rhinoceros Hornbills cant hunt? This one's busy with its rat catch

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Caught Stork-ing around at the pool

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We saw the most ferocious bird.. on a bird show for an 1/2 hour and usually around 12:30pm and 3:30 pm.

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Stopped by at the Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe. A variety selection of local and western cuisines available here but the price's slightly expensive. We sat at the open verandah facing the green scenery. Yes, it even has WIFI connection here, hence we got online with the Asus Eee PC!

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Mr Hornbill(s) looking nearby... be careful of your food though.

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Good venue for phototaking session... both of us stalking the storks
You'll find other attractions nearby the Bird Park such as the National Monument, Butterfly House, Orchid Garden and more. It's an interesting place to visit and well worth the slightly pricy admission fees.
Been here twice now, still I find the KL Bird Park exciting to visit.


Thursday, June 5

Today's hot Question~

1) Did you Q up to pump petrol last night???
2) How long you have been Q???

These 2 questions have become so famous today, almost everyone with car will ask each others about these questions!

So, did ya Q up and pump petrol last night? Well, I did! Muahahaha! I did that was because my petrol tank was totally empty, and I had Q there for 45 mins~ I nearly gave up, as I do not have the patient to wait. Almost every petrol station was packed, and cause the traffic jam. I was thinking, after this full tank, I still gotta pay this amount every time if I need to pump petrol, but count it properly, I did save quite a lot~

Thank god the petrol station is just right across Frag's house :)


Wednesday, June 4

True Or Not?

Tru'o'not wan?!

Rumors (got the source from has it that there will be oil protests going on within Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur areas today. What choice do the people have other than venting their frustrations with complains...

Personally I think it's crap that they have it at the wrong place in KL. But it is best to be careful and also stay away from any illegal gatherings should you be at the following areas below:-

Ipoh, Perak

Perak Office of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs at Federal Building (opposite Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh), Green Town

Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Pasar, Pudu (indirectly opposite RHB and Am Bank)

Be afraid... be very afraid Government. we citizens are strong and we do still possess the competent to make these decisions to be rebellious!


This Is Malaysia!

After the sudden rise of petrol hike, things are going to be tough ahead for not only motorist but also Malaysian citizens. It's sad to see the drastic increment of petrol and diesel alongside with TNB's electricity price. Nowadays, people are being pushed and squashed around to suffer.

According to the news from Sun papers, this move will save the government about RM 13.7 billion. Gosh! For this amount of money, I wonder what in the world are they going to do. Send another astro-nut up to the space or spend needless funding on something unnecessary? I bet our man Pak Lah has the answer to it.

A pretty good/hot issue to discuss and debate about right now, especially in the blog world but the damage's done for now, period. Beggars can't be choosers though. All we need to do now is buckle up, stop complaining and get on with it.

Hope the G' better improve on the transportation system instead. Sigh...


Sunday, June 1


A very meaningful and touching song by Lifehouse.

Watch the lyrics in the video. Feel it. And appreciate your loved ones.

To my special someone who's still asleep peacefully, this is for you. :)


Late Night Show...

It's 3.30 am and here I am, with the lovely Feebz sleeping peacefully beside me. Thankfully there's any snoring heard yet. Haha! Still up busy surfing around online and being a little starved here.

Gotta admit that I'm not being hardworking enough with updates on the blog lately, even though I'm going through a rough but "free and easy" life at the moment. Still on the hunt for jobs, well the results are satisfying but I still haven't found what I am looking for, period. The good thing is I've received calls requesting for interviews already. Only time (and luck) will tell.

Thoughts of drive through order for McD breakfast still lingers in my mind. Sounds crazy but yes, I've been a serious hardcore food consumer lately. In fact, I'm slowly turning into a scary eating monster with huge appetite ala Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. But I'm red instead... a true Red Devil. Kudos to the English champs on their Moscow triumph! :)

time to hit the bed. Got early interviews to attend tomorrow. Here's the next update... coming out soon!


Mid Year Sales!

The popular sales has begun earlier in all shopping centers since middle of May~! The shopping spree is so heavy and everyone is out to perform their shopping 'duties', especially during the lovely weekend. Well, SALES is really a word that makes people open their eyes and excite them whenever they heard of it, okay, especially for ladies!

Speaking of our moment, we went to the Isetan Pre-Sales (exclusively for members) in KLCC
last week for some shopping action. Once we got there, Isetan was so horribly crowded even though it's early in the morning!

Many of the stuff there is really worth buying as its on sale for cheap and reasonable price. You'll find swarm of people - men and women shopping for items like shoes, clothings, accessories, etc. Additional discounts will be given specially for members only.

The best thing is that we bought 2 Casio watches on that day! We have been eyeing for couple watches for quite sometime. Finally, we decided to bring Mr G-Shock and Ms Baby-G home with a nice 50% discount each. Really worth getting them as it is a good offer!