Friday, December 21

Get Well Soon



Photo taken by Frag:- In front of Eden, JB

Thursday, December 20

Best-est Awesom-est Birthday!

W00t! 1st & foremost - in order to sound as ceremonious as possible, my wholehearted gratitute goes in a special way to my dearest Be for the birthday celebration, steamboat dinner and present! For the past few weeks in this month has been such a hectic schedule, well I could blame it all the the work. More could be said, but hey - so far so good.

Had a nice steamboat dinner with Be in this Restoran Talipon in Pandan Perdana, an 'All-You-Can-Eat' joint on seafood BBQ and steamboat buffet. There wasn't much people in there when we both arrived.

The hand that fed me nice satay chicken!

Delicious marinated beef meat

Variable choices they've got here and it is fresh too. Remember, the most important weapon in the BBQ war is... the butter!

Fresh fruits and desserts awaits us in the end of the war

Didnt took much pics as we were busy 'cooking' and eating like there's no tomorrow. We both had a huge amount of butter/chili self marinated and grilled prawns - finger licking good. Kinda gross to see the after-eating condition of the BBQ grill as they don't provide any aluminum foils unlike other branches.

A few more good jolly years and I'll be hitting the 30s or 3-card (in cantonese) soon yo. There are so many things that I need to do and catch up in life. Now where's my "To-do before I hit 25" list?


Tuesday, December 18

18th December


May all the best wishes with u the whole year!


Thursday, December 13

JB here I come!

Going back to JB tomorrow~!

Miss miss my family and my baby nunu :D
Besides that, darl and I will be travel to Singapore! Wanna see how nice is the X'maz decoration this year~

Well, I dont like to celebrate X'maz in Singapore, coz it gonna be crowded especially in Orchard Road~! This is why we choose to go back a week earlier!!!

Hopefully can get some nice X'maz gift there, so that I can bring back and exchange during the X'maz party~!

Sunday, December 9

Snow Man Plush Toy For Sale!

Well since it's Christmas, we thought of sourcing for some cheap plushie toys to sell it online. It's SUPER huggable... SUPER fluffy... SUPER cute... In plushie form! Makes perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, friends and family. Take one home today!


- Size - 35 CM (H) x 15 CM (W)

- Condition = 100% brand new!

- Plush toy is stuffed with
micro beads.
- Material of plush toy is
stretchable polyster cloth.
- PDA is not included.


RM 22

- Buy
3 at RM 60, Buy 5 for at RM 90!!!

Contact Method:

Email us @

COD Location:

- Cheras (McD Tmn Connaught / Leisure Mall)

- PJ (SS2 area / Tmn Bahagia LRT Station / Digital Mall at Sect 14)

- Bandar Utama (1 Utama / Centerpoint).

* Two days confirmation or notice before meeting up*

Pos Laju:
RM 6 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM 8 for Sabah and Sarawak.

Terms & Conditions:

- Price is non-negotiable. Currently the best price from our supplier.

- Condition will be checked & packed with plastic packaging before sending out.

- Seller is not responsible on any lost or damaged items during shipment.

- Once sold, the plush toy is not refundable or returnable.

Payment Methods:
- Account details will be replied once you've emailed your orders.

- Buyers who confirmed their purchase,
FULL payment is to be made by 15th Dec 2007 (before 5.00pm). Otherwise order will be cancelled.
- Buyers will be notified if there are any changes to the delivery time as stated above.

- No refunds on payment will be made as orders will be processed.

- Buyers who
C.O.D will be arranged to meet up from the week 17th Dec 2007onwards.


Santa Claus is coming to town~


Went for Xmas shopping with Darl almost the whole day! Weeee! Is fun! Went to Mid Valley, cause i insisted to go there and get some skin care at Isetan, the Garden hohohoh!~ The Xmas spirit and the environment in Mid Valley is so so nice and lively around us~ Nice Xmas decoration in Mid Valley~

Alot of ppl taking picture around, remember to bring camera if u are going to Mid Valley! heheheheh! Dint manage to take any picture, was busy'ing shopping :P but hopefully will be back there again before Xmas, still need to get some gift!~

As for One Utama, the decoration is nice too! The theme is cool~! Like the British soldier~ At least something different from others :) Here are some picture:-

Gift Stores

Bling Bling Deco ~ White Xmaz

Xmaz Tree

This is nice! British Soldier~

Saturday, December 8

Our 1st Post!

Well, here we are on our first posting in this newly created blog, which we both proclaimed and named it as.... *drum rolls* "Her world . His world . Their Blog"! With the "Her" referring to the lady, Feebz and the "Him" referring to Yours truly, Frag.

The idea of having a joint blog suddenly came up into our mind, seeing that both of us have not been updating our own blogs regularly (not going to disclose them, but google it for yourself). Yeah, lazy is the keyword here.

As a matter of fact, we prefer to share things together - be it in general or personal - basically of what we both as a couple are going through in life inside the real world.

There will be trades of facts, ideas, opinions, experiences, rantings, mushy stuff, etc. from both sexes... BUT there wont be any battle of the sexes happening in here though. Fat chance - I hope!

This blog welcomes everyone including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender - no pun intended. This is what blogs are for!

Wokies, that's the end for me. I'll save the rest for the lady. Stay tuned!