Wednesday, February 27

Gabai Waterfall

Just got the waterfall picture from KC, going to blog something about it now~

It was a nice trip, because we don’t need to travel very far to reach the destination, yet we can have a nice and relax trip.

It is good to have some outdoor activities than just makan and minum, because we have been living in such busy environment everyday XD

The trip is organize by Casa, but support by all of us :D Thanks to him anyway!

All of us wake up real early on the Sunday morning. Met up at Frag’s house then we head to a dim sum shop opposite his house and have our fresh dim sum early morning!

After breakfast, we were heading to the Gabai Water fall which is near to Kajang and Ampang (not very sure :P)

We brought a home made customize cake for Casa and celebrate earlier birthday with him! Nice deco and nice taste, am I right, guys????

We had climbed 2 very high staircases to reach a better spot of the waterfall, it is so tiring and it was really killing me!!! But one glad thing is no one give up half way during the climbing.


Here some pictures!

Dimsum breakfast

Birthday Cake

Buttday boy

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

Waterfall Cuddsa

Damp that built by nuts :D



Tuesday, February 26

Boring me and my boring entry~

Dear Frag is not free lately, there is a big event held on the coming week. As a Hall Manager, he need to make sure everything is in order, including briefing and guiding the temporary staff, preparing brochures, customer inquiry and the decorations of the halls and customers’.

He need to OT almost everyday, sometimes work until the next day morning~ and no choice, he need to work on weekend too.

I feel so alone without his companion during the weekdays and especially weekend! I need to go out alone or look for some friends to hang out, if not I will die because of bore-ness.

Blog this boring entry is because, I am now waiting for him and he had promised me to be home around 7p.m.+. Now is already 8.30p.m. and I believe he is still in the meeting. I am so afraid to wait for another 4 hours like last Sunday as he promised to come back earlier.

I understand his situation and really pity to see him so restless, and even no time and no appetite to have a proper meal.

Anyway, I am very fine! Since is just another 12 days more! Let’s pray everything is going fine during the fair and I will mentally support you from home! Work hard, baby!

Cannot wait to go to vacation with you soon!


Wednesday, February 20

I'm just being kepoh to blog this~

Is really none of my business, is other ppl’s relationship! But this is my blog and my thought XD

I just cant keep myself from thinking or believing that, the gal accepted my frend because of love~ or just because she need help in terms of material stuff and get a better life which the guy can provide her. She knows he will provide to her whatever she ask from him. He is one of those guys whom think that is what a bf should do; to fulfill what the woman he loves desires... showering her with good food, clothes and even a home.

I’m just a passerby to them, but I always feel sad for him. Some of you might say if he willing to do so, why not?! Yes, of cause, if he willing to do so, we can say nothing, but seeing him like that, a man too deeply in love with the gal like this when he can do so much better isn’t something pleasant. Love had really made him blind. Dear friend, time to wake up, u are chasing your own shadow. A goal you will never achieved. How could you love someone if you don’t even love yourself, value yourself?

He tend to act tough in front of others, but in reality, he’s suffering in silence from how she is treating him~ throwing tantrums, cold wars when they are suppose to be still in the “honeymoon” period of a relationship.

He did tell me that the gal treats him kinda good, but seeing how she treats other guys around her I really couldn’t tell that she’s treating him any better (if not worse) from others!

I don’t know what happen behind our eyes. I am just voicing out what I see. All I can see is a one way street. She doesn’t even treat you right, in front of our friends. In fact, she treats other guys better than you.

Well, stop finding excuse to yourself, gal~ Stop thinking that “he should love me more than I love him since he’s the one who after me and falls for me in the 1st place’. Maybe you think you could measure your love with how much he can give in, but I think the only measurement for love is how much the 2 hearts is~

If you had accepted him, please treat him better than others! Because he loves u more than everyone else~! I don’t know how sincere u were when you accepted him as your bf. Try to sit down and think for a moment if you truly love him. “What have you actually done for him despite all the love and care, he showered upon/gave you?”
I know nobody is perfect, but at least let him know it’s worth it. Unless your definition of love doesn’t mean an everlasting relationship.

No names are involved. I have no intention of hurting or offending anyone as I am just voicing out as a 3rd party point of view. Anyways, I certainly wish that things will turn out fine for them. *PRAY*

p/s:- To anyone who is reading this, please don’t perasan that the person I’m talking about is u *rolleyes*


Friday, February 15

Happy Valentine's Day

Speaking up, Valentine's Day is getting too commercialized and is slowly losing it originality. Considering that it's just a fun loving tradition that has been going on since way long long time ago.

February 14 will be the day where prices on almost everything will be jack up sky high. Wouldn't hurt sometimes for lovebirds to pamper one another by dining out, showering gifts, flowers, etc. but to do that, they would need to burn a hole in their wallets and purses.

For those who are currently unattached or single at the moment, Happy Single Awareness Day! And to those are madly in love, I'd say Happy Valentine's Day!

Finally, I'm saving the best for the last, to the person who means everything to me.

Spending every moment together on things we do... going through the ups and downs in life... sharing all the joy, laughter and happiness.

Every day with you sure feels like Valentine's Day to me.

I made this specially for you dear!


Lotsa XOXO,
- Frag

Wednesday, February 13

My Chinese New Year

Do you guys enjoy the Chinese New Year?
As for me, is great!
Better than I’d expected~ Maybe is because the 2 weeks before CNY, we all were worried about Frag's popo condition while she was admitted in the hospital, but now, Thank god, she's getting better and already discharge from the hospital~
Can’t really feel it till the day I reached home!
From eve till the 2nd day of CNY, my house was full of relatives around.
Nice to have them gather together in this special festival.
As usual, we had a lot of nice meal, snacks, biscuits, cakes and drinks! We did go to relatives house together in a very big group (I had a big family, as my dad got 6 siblings) :D
Get to spend more time with my baby nunu during the holidays.
Met some closed friends too!

Some photos that I took during my stay in JB:-

4kgs of Crabs

Preparing steamboat for reunion dinner, never miss this on the eve! Yummy!

We had BBQ, besides steamboat~

My baby nunu

Some of my high school mate! We can hardly meet nowadays! But sure will yum cha on CNY eve every year!

My cousin sis new born baby~! One and a half month~ My grandma first grand-grand-child

At my cousin sis’s house, Frag was baby sitting ~ So sweet! Wahahahahah!

I hope this is mine! Fully imported from Japan

p/s:- There are some photos in another camera, will continue to blog about CNY soon

Tuesday, February 5

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

Year 2008... Year of the Rat!

Wishing you all readers a very merry prosperous Happy Chinese New Year! May you received unlimited blessings of good wealth, health and prosperity!

Gong Xi Fa Cai... Ang Pow Na Lai!
Gong Xi Fa Cai... Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Gong Xi Fa Cai... urm... Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

Dear Feebz has already gone back to her hometown earlier this noon and my friends and colleagues have done the same too. Being a born KL-ite and staying here sure is boring at times, there's no hometown to go back to during the festive seasons.

KL will be empty in these few days, most shops will be closed, no traffic jams or queue ups needed... sigh! It's going to be a quiet Chinese New Year, with Granny still in the hospital. However, she's recuperating really well at the moment, it won't be long before she will be discharged!

I would certainly need to come up with some plans to keep me occupied. The good thing is this year on the 3rd day of CNY, I'll be heading south to JB to visit my baby and also meeting the parents - Focker style!

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year!


Monday, February 4

Tough Moments

Been traveling back and forth regularly to the hospital for almost a week to visit dear Granny who was hospitalized initially due to heavy swell on both legs. It got worse when she was down with a fever and low blood pressure during her stay on the first day. Everyone in the family have been going through a tiring and depressed period since then.

We made frequent visits daily and I felt relieved to see her getting better day by day, very very alive and kicking. She's been mumbling and for the past two days ever since she regained consciousness from the dodgy sleeping pill. The swells on both of her legs and her hands are no longer there. We were surprised on how active she gets and even has the strength to move and push herself up, all by herself!

Bear in mind that her eyesight is almost zero and she is suffering from osteoporosis (weak and fragile bones). However, the specialist told us that the condition of her lungs and her heart are slowly deteriorating due to old age. There's no doubt about it that it will be tough for her within the coming months or years. Sad to see her like this, but that's what is life all about!

I wonder when she will be discharged from the hospital, just in time before the Chinese New Year celebrations? That I really don't know.
But hang on and hang in there, I know it's not easy, but just remember the family are all here for you.

Things will get better, Popo. :)