Monday, July 27


It's how we wanted to describe on our hiking trip on the popular Broga Hill earlier this month. The gang (a total 5 of us) started our climb around 5+ in the morning. Didn't achieve our goal though (getting to the hill top and catch the early sunrise) due to the constant drizzling rain thus making our climb slippery while on our way to the top.

Wonder what's Eddy, Valen and Jenny doing back there

Some steep trails faced while on our way up

It was bloody dark if you're planning to climb during the wee hours. So it's best is to bring more LED (super brighter than those usual bulbs) torch light.

Failed scenery shot taken on one of hilltop spot cause I didn't use a tripod. And it was drizzling too, sad. But Val had better shots on his DSLR though.

While on our way down... it was already 7am, and still the sun is not visible.

A group shot of the climbers posing when we finally got down

Darn, we're THIS close to the top and thanks to the rain, we've no choice but to do a U-turn downhill. However, we had quite an adventure climbing up in the dark. Most important thing is to check the weather forecast the night before your climb.

There will be plans for a 2nd round soon though, and next time we'll be at the top catching the sun rise!


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