Saturday, July 18

Sunny Sunday~

Well... at least today was better than few days back, it was very hazy and you can feel that every single breath you take was very unhealthy and polluted, but what to do?

Nothing much for us to do on this Sunday, do not feel like hanging out in the crowded shopping mall every weekend. However, it's very hot and humid afternoon at home, what to do?

Normally Frag and I will clean our room, as we had too many "rubbish" that we do not bear to throw even though we are not going to use it anymore. Well, we just love to keep them, what to do?

This is why we want to clean and clear almost everytime when we are free or if there's nothing to do. Slowly we tend to throw those "rubbish" bit by bit, and I bet you will have the same experience like us, trying so hard to throw them, anyhow, they are just "rubbish", what to do?

The room is getting cleaner nowadays! Like it so much! Here are some shots of the roomz! Let the picture do the talking, better? What to do?

Welcome to the roomz!

Alright, this is the messiest corner of the room, why? Those are stuff that we need everyday! I know, my stuff are too much there~

Our cupboard~ I need a bigger one I think :P

A movie a day, keep the stress away~

And here's our new bed! Ho Ho!

Last but not least

I'm sitting here and blogging on this entry! Lolz! Just to prove that, it's really a sunny Sundayz!


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